Silvia Panini


"C'è bisogno di sentirla la vita...vicina." Ridere ci salverà. Io sono Arnaldo che raccolgo il vento E col bue vado a caccia della lepre E nuoto contro la marea montante. "Cosa ha imparato dell'amore?" "Che il bello è difficile" "Go. Be amazing" "And you...Never stop" Se niente ti tocca niente può renderti felice. "I'd rob my own Grandma for you." "I love the songs you haven't written yet" "I have no shame" “I am so going to hell” “I’ll lead the way.” "He sent me a text saying he was voting with me from now on and I replied that the polls don't close until seven and he said he'd be here in twenty. Oh my god. When did I turn into such a slut?" I have found that I can tolerate being judged; far better than being of no consequence. - Mr. Spock “And so, Charlotte, I would like to impart to you some wisdom which is regrettably difficult to write on a college recommendation letter. If you want to go to Juilliard and pursue your dreams, then let me be the first to tell you what a beautiful pursuit that is. However, let me also be the first to tell you that sometimes, your dreams come to you in the most painful of ways. Sometimes they hurt, and they’re awful, and they don’t make sense no matter how smart you thought you were. But that’s the most beautiful pursuit imaginable: to rise out of uncertain tribulation and realize that you have arrived safely at your destination.” Would I call him baby? Or honey? Or sweetheart? Would I call him darling, or beautiful, or love? If we had 1,000 days, if we had forever, would I give him secret, sweet names and twist his insides when I whispered them into his ear? Would I have a look, just for him, a look that told him it was time to go, time to leave this party and get lost in each other until the world's protests grew loud enough for us to hear? "I have eyes. I'm not stupid…" Jakob stammers. "I'm not insinuating that you are. I'm just stating a fact. This. Is not. What it looks like. This is something rare, and perfect, and inevitable. This is something we've wanted for nearly half of our lives. You think you're looking at a train wreck. But what you're really seeing is an answered prayer." -Se un uomo parte con delle certezze finirà con dei dubbi; ma se si accontenta di iniziare con qualche dubbio, arriverà alla fine a qualche certezza.(F.Bacone) Beati coloro che si baceranno sempre al di là delle labbra varcando dei gemiti il confine del piacere per cibarsi dei sogni.

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