Silvana Petrean


I'm human, I make mistakes. I've done things I'm not proud of and I have regrets. Im insecure and at times not very confident. I tend to be shy and reserved at times, but there are also times I'm outspoken and a little crazy. I've been hurt and I've been lied to time and time again, and I don't trust easy. I'm scared of falling again; afraid that the minute I start to fall, I'll end up on the ground again,asking myself, why I keep letting this happen. I'm by no means perfect, and neither is my family. In fact, my family's a little screwed up at times, and sometimes, they hurt me. I hate when people pretend to be something they're not around me. I'm stubborn. I'm judgemental. I'm not the brightest person in the world and I'm sure you can do better. But know that I'm also, curious, looking to experience things I have yet to experience. I like to sing and I want to dance in the middle of the street without any music. I love to laugh and have fun. I want to be held tight and protected. I like taking random walks without a clue as to where I'm going. I want somebody to look at me, the way nobody has..I want someone to look at me, in a way they've never looked at anybody. I just want somebody to take my face in their hands, look me in the eyes, and for once, tell me that I'm good enough.

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