Ana Luiza Santos


Full time dreamer and part time blogger. I'm a Brazilian 14 years-young girl who dreams to be a famous and renowned fashion designer. I play table tennis ince I was 12. I'm playing in national and, in the future, international competitions. My Passions: Writing: I love expressing my feelings, thoughts and dreams with words because I think that when we write something that came out of our own imagination, it immediately becomes part of us, of who we really are. Music: I love music. I've always done. Music is one of my ways to express my daily feelings. I'm a metalhead and rocker who loves listening to Metallica, Black Veil Brides, The Beatles, Slash, Anthrax, The Misfits etc. Photography: I never thought I'd be enjoying photography because I'm not always inspired. It became part of my passions since my parents gave me my first semi-professional camera. Blogging: I started blogging when I was 11. My first blog was about Club Penguin but I noticed that I was going to grow up someday, then I created three more blog about fashion, make-up and music. I finally decided to make it worth this time. My blog is called Coisas Afins (it's in Portuguese). Here: Table Tennis: I play sports since I was 5. I started playing soccer. Then, I practiced swimming, gymnastics, tennis and, in 2009, I decided to go on with Table Tennis because I noticed that I've got enough talent to be a profesional table tennis player. It was weird for the first time, now I practice every single day haha I hope you like my Fashiolista! xxxx

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