Siddhi Prabhudesai


1 - 2 A friend is nothing but a known enemy. Kurt Cobain Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with with your self-esteem. They're no good at all. Kurt Cobain I bought a gun and chose drugs instead. Kurt Cobain I had a really good childhood up until I was nine, then a classic case of divorce really affected me. Kurt Cobain I really haven't had that exciting of a life. There are a lot of things I wish I would have done, instead of just sitting around and complaining about having a boring life. So I pretty much like to make it up. I'd rather tell a story about somebody else. Kurt Cobain I started being really proud of the fact that I was gay even though I wasn't. Kurt Cobain I was looking for something a lot heavier, yet melodic at the same time. Something different from heavy metal, a different attitude. Kurt Cobain I won't eat anything green. Kurt Cobain I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. Kurt Cobain I'm so happy because today I found my friends - they're in my head. Kurt Cobain Punk is musical freedom. It's saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster's terms, 'nirvana' means freedom from pain, suffering and the external world, and that's pretty close to my definition of Punk Rock. Kurt Cobain Rather be dead than cool. Kurt Cobain The duty of youth is to challenge corruption. Kurt Cobain The sun is gone, but I have a light. Kurt Cobain If it's illegal to rock and roll, throw my ass in jail! Kurt Cobain

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