Shraddz Lohani


wateva da mind can believ da mind can acheive.....go ahead until u find a destiny.... I do nt fear 4 tomorow 4 i remebr yestrday n i love today If u cant do nethnelse jst smile...:) It is betr betr to die 4 smthn than is to live 4 nth Aaceptance of wat has happned is d 1st step to overcm d any misfortune.... Love neva asks hw much i do, bt hw much i can do? If u thnk wrld is wrg,reme dat it contains ppl lyk u.... To capture a dream wat do i hav to to?al i hav to do is i must do..... Act selfish as mch as u can cz bein gud dse nt matr in dis wrld........ Da mor u live in imaginatn da mor u r far frm d reality....... Lyfz jst a pain.....bear it!! Gud thnz seldm comz so grab em al!

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