H.C.B. is for every girl who loves getting dressed in the morning. For the lady who loves to laugh, to smile, and to feel beautiful, both inside and out. It's for the woman who loves to surround herself with wonderful friends, family and significant others, and goes through life sharing her experiences with all of them. She's sometimes professional, sometimes casual, sometimes modest, and sometimes likes to look a little sexy and have a great night out. And this is Her Closet. May she always love every piece and every moment she has in it. H.C.B., which stands for Her Closet Boston, started online in 2012 with six styles and one big dream. Boston based entrepreneur founder Hilary was fed up with both her cubicle-based number crunching job and the shopping options of the day. It seemed as if well-styled items, a pleasant shopping experience, reasonable price points, and great customer service just did not co-exist yet either online or in her favorite local shops. Hilary wanted to bring all of this together and more: a non-overwhelming sized collection of gorgeous, high quality pieces, styled together in fun, wearable outfits for photos, coupled with easy online navigation and shopping, and excellent, personalized customer service. With this vision and her first six pieces picked out from a wholesale vendor online - and a whole lot of guts to leave her safe and secure full-time job and put her savings account into something new - Hilary was up and running. Two years later, H.C.B. grew and grew beyond her dreams. With a Coolidge Corner Brookline storefront now in the works (to open in late summer 2014), the final piece of Hilary's dream is about to come true - bringing everything she loves about the H.C.B. online experience to a store front, for local Boston women to enjoy! With a lot more work and little bit of luck, Hilary hopes she can soon bring H.C.B. to even more locations: city and state - and maybe even nation - wide!

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