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YOU have to be Different Unique & Shine in your Own way. - Lady Gaga . I Stand up fo wot I believe in & a lot of da time ,dat cn be against People's Opinion - RIHANNA <3 Fashion is not something that exists in Dresses only . Fashion is in the Sky, in the Street, Fashion has to do with ideas, The way we live, What is happening . -Coco Chanel . Becuz tomorrow I'm still gna be da Same Person. I'm still gna do wot i wna do - RIHANNA<3 Every man Searching His Second Mother in da Name Of LOVE, But Every Woman Gets Her First Child in da Name of her LOVER. -SHAKESPEAR <3 " Wild HEARTS Can't be Broken" . []If a ßitch eva STEALS my MAN, ther's No better Revenge dan Lettin Her Keep Him. Cuz Real Men Can't be Stolen unless they want to ße :) - Respect your Haters. They are the only people who think you're Better than Them. - NICKI MINAJ <3 -People change,one day they are sweet, the nxt day they are not. one day they are here,the nxt day they day you are Important,the nxt day yor day they say they Love you, the nxt day they dnt care abt you. Dat's how Ironic things & ppl cn be. Pretty lies, pretty Fucked up.but it's still your Choice cuz you Chóòse to get hurt when you choose to be in Love :)♥ Even if you keep Playing this DRAMA on repeat I won't make the same Mistake again Let's share a Joke & walk toward the Future Cuz Hating you wud Bring me Down. <3

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