Sheng Moua


I am a wardrobe stylist, fashion consultant, fashion show producer, pageant coach, pageant judge, personal development instructor and the list goes on.. I love the Fashion Industry..and I've had a part in everything. Through my passion for Fashion, I've finally realized how I can pay it forward with finding and doing what I love.... I am now a mentor, a motivational speaker, a role model and hopefully an inspiration to young girls everywhere. I am Hmong and I hope to be an example and a strong influence in my own community. I am meant to do something awesome and change and movement is my motivation... Aside from my passion for Fashion, I am also a strong advocate for women empowerment and promoting higher education. I am also very passionate about helping charities that fight against bullying and domestic violence. I've had my own struggles that I've gone through and I'd love to share those in hopes of helping others. These are the treasures that I'm searching for so welcome to my page. - Always stay Fab, because WE are! :)

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