Shabina Fariza


"We’re, like, dreamers, you know? And I chose not to dream so much as I dealt with the actuality. So it made me kind of focus on what was real and what was possible. From one lily pad to the next, it made sense. I never drowned because I kept my focus on reality and what possible steps were really there. We dream big and we dream hard. And when it doesn’t work out, we’re easily…we feel very defeated. So I never really did that." "Cause we dream too hard, know what I mean? When we dream, our feet leave the ground.” "When I was much more humble about things, God would reward me incredibly. When I was cocky about things, it would never work out. That’s how my whole life has been.” PHARRELL WILLIAMS. ---------------------------------------------------------- [19:36] (E-mail Address Not Verified): lo kok pake kapital terus sih?? [19:36] (E-mail Address Not Verified): lagi horny yaaaa?? ---------------------------------------------------- Pitchfork: Speaking of boy bands, do you know the Jonas Brothers? Xavier: Who? ---------------------------------- 10:00pm *sensor* emang rokok persetan lo klo udh gde jgn ngrokok bin

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