Melissa Garcia


‎"Walk with the DREAMERS, the BELIEVERS, the COURAGEOUS, the CHEERFUL, the PLANNERS, the DO-ERS, the SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE with their head in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you first found it." - Wilferd Peterson "To give less than your best is to sacrifice the ultimate gift." - Steve Prefontaine (PRE) "The angels know who I am. The devil knows who I am. Creation knows who I am and God knows who I am. I am my Daddy's favorite. I am the God of ALL the universe's (son or daughter), which pretty much means, I RULE! God likes me and I like me. I am supernaturally powerful because I have the mind of Christ." - Kris Vallotton

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