Shannon Callagy


"You can't judge a gummy snack by it's cover box"- Conor "my shade is I live in my basement white"- Mavelah "my shade is I'm in The Others white" "you gotta know how to cut someone's balls off. you never know when the situation will come up"- Conor "I only owe you one card"-Ronan "I'm the president you fuck"-Mario "i don't have a big ass nose its proportional to my big ass head"-Conor "A luscious urination in your fotch"-Conor "All my whores are baby sluts so they don't do that much" "I would hit my wife...that's the one circumstance, if i had a sexy lamp and she broke it"- Conor "Intimidation is 90% of the game...or at least 20%"- Conor "Welcome to Earth"- Chris Callagy "Like most things in life, it tastes like chicken"- Frank Callagy "I don't miss high school, I miss kindergarten"-Conor "Are all muffins made from bananas?"- Conor "I would just cry everyday if I had six kids"- Fiona "I think I would rather watch Titanic"- Conor "Ya I would too....naked woman"-Ronan (when talking about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) "It looks like Dress Barn inside"- Mavelah "...I hate Dress Barn"- Fiona "E.T.'s like a down syndrome Yoda"- Andrew "It looks like a cat lived in your hair for about a week"- Conor "You are such a mind changer!"- Ronan "I'm 2% gay"- Ronan "Shannon, how do you spell Asia?"-Alexa Carroll "There are more important things, friendship and bravery" -Hermione "....and sex"-Ronan "Guys, I think I'm rambling because I'm sweating"-Kim Kiernan "Wait, does she already know he's a dragon?"-Alexa Carroll "She's the ugliest woman in the world...Just imagine Jabba the Hut and Biblo Baggins"- Conor "You gotta be friends with a black guy.... in case shit gets real"-Skalicky "Ya like Billy's always in Kindergarten..."- Kimberly

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