Sasha Lukina


liz beyond exhausted and therefore hysterical in belgrade: 'and on some levels, sasha misses her cat' liz getting too excited in a french supermarche: 'it's water-friendly tuna!' brixton attempting to blag his way home en francais: 'nooo lift pass! J'HABITE!!! --->' jon out of the blue: 'dya liiike kippers?' 'dya play the baaanjo?' 'they dont COOOOK it?!' 'blame it on the altitude' 'i'm down with the fat' 'this is the most herbal tea i've ever tasted. i might as well be drinking herbs' kim about an oblivious matt: 'i swear, that boy is half asleep all the time' 'there was so much pasta it was going into her lungs' 'that spider was actually fear itself' (yoghurts) 'sleep wizard' !!!

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