Sarah Mager


"Sind Sie ein Idiot?" - "Nein, Sir, ich bin ein Träumer." - Scrubs, J.D. ♥ "It’s the world of limits. Stereotypes, platitudes, cliché, prejudices, religion, fears. Too many restrictive signs so it’s hard to breathe, to see, to hear. Get over it. Develop. Look around, look forward, look further. Discover your talent – just look inside of yourself. Search. Follow your dream. Sky is the only limit. Believe in yourself. Create yourself. Be yourself." - Jared Leto ♥ "Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity." "Follow your dreams,quit your job, drop out of school, tell your boyfriend that he’s lousy and walk out the door. This is your time…this is your life.Dream as big as you want to.It’s the cheapest thing you’ll ever do. Wake up tomorrow and live your fucking dreams no matter what.” - Jared Leto ♥

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