Sarah Young


I don't know exactly what it is, but I want some change in my life. I want expansion: I want to be doing something meaningful and, yea, I want prosperity and the freedom that comes with it. I want to do something significant, something that makes a difference in the world. But if you asked me what exactly I want, I would have to say that I don't know. Can you help me find my life purpose? Eckhart Tolle "Seek Joy" Abraham "When you think about other people and what they think of you, do you understand that what they think of you has very little to do with what you are? It has mostly to do with the habits of thought that they have developed. It has more to do with them as thinkers than it does with you as the subject of their thought. If nothing is more important to you than that you feel good" Abraham - Hicks "Your faces are my memories, not all good, but they are mine" Sir Anthony Hopkins "Set a goal so big that if you achieve it, it would blow your mind" The Secret

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