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Dad: I don't know whether she's really talented or in need of help. Me:I vote the help. "at swallows end!!!" *dun, dun, duh!!!!!* Chyeahhh "I'm immortal!!!!" *stick out chest here* [Inserta taco aqui] Jessica: Gala, you're not wearing any green on st. patricks day Gala: I have on red underwear! Me: Wait, that's not green. "Why won't everyone just leave me and my hippo/bear/frog alone!!!" "She's a life ruiner. She ruins people's lives!" "He won't be smiling...WHEN I BIGHT HIS COCK OFF!" Kevin: Hey throbbing cock, what's that song about a grandma getting run over by a reindeer? Rod: Grandma Got Railed By A Reindeer? Kevin: noooo... "So who uses a noun for a name? Wait a sec...... Nevermind." Fred: My Tod es Banden!! Mrs. C: So is anyone tired? Me: A tad. Dith: Sad? Me: No, a tad. Dith: A tad sad? Mrs. C: A tad sad? Me: No, a tad tired. "You have the hands of a dead lion!" -Chris Me: The sun is bright. Dith: My name is Meredith! Jessica Y: Zucconi! "Hand Check!" "uh...Mouth Check....!" Me: I'll just sit back here all alone and bask in my uncoolness. David: Doesn't it get stale? "So if neck is cleavage, then Meredith! Oh my!" "Omg, Jarrod... a)you're so loud!" b)stop jacking off c)get out of our bed!" d)shut up!" "Well, at least we're all having a fun time cleaning...Somebody put the ouija away!!" -Michael R.

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