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Tracy: we're just like daisy and gem aren't we... Mum: yeah, if we hads ears... they'd be flat back Me: yeah.. well mum... we do have ears Mum: oh yeah!! Hannah: E! Cassie: C! Sarah: EC! Hannah: That would only work if i was a Z lol! (blonde momment. . . . ) Sarah: E-Z, huh?! Cassie: they'll all call u easy :P (and another 1. . . .) Sarah: Huh?!?! 10 MINUTES later! : Sarah: O, I GET IT!!! ANOTHER 10 MINUTES later: Sarah: no, its see, as in see. . . . Cassie: no, i meant C! HAHAHAHA! another 10 minutes Sarah:wats easy?!?! *best entrance to a classroom ever!!* Natasha (running): 'G-d help me, Sana wants to know what a gangbang is!!!' *Mimi gives Cassie a hug in the street because she's sad* Old lady walks past and says: Well, what an interesting hug Mimi: How? Old Lady: Usually its the other way around, you know, a boy on girl instead of girl on girl Cassie: But she's my cousin! Old lady: Oh, so it's that kind of romance. =S Hannah: I've started writing my story! Sarah: Me too! Mines crap Hannah: So is mine. But at least we share a bond! Sarah: Um.. yeah. antony: amy i'm sorry for saying that to you robbie's friend: dont ACCept (funniest thing evrr for those who understand it :D) dr: i think you might have brain damage aisha: no i cant because i dont have a brain :S x x

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