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Barney Stinson getting defensive about his potential love for Robin: “You know who is confused? Bimbos. They’re easily confused. It’s one of the thousand little things I love about them. I love their vacant, trusting stares; their sluggish, unencumbered minds; their unresolved daddy issues. I love them Lily, and they love me. Bimbos have always been there for me, through thick and thin—mostly thin. B-man don’t do thick crust, what up!” Rishabh Rao-If I was there you wouldn't be sad. Me-yeah,for sure..coz I would be drunk!! "I often quote myself.It adds spice to my conversation" -Bernard Shaw Tushar Thakral-PISS OFF. ""I'll fall.' 'You wont fall.' 'I'll fall. I'll fall and I'll die.' As I said it, I could see it happening. The foot stepping on air, pulling the rest of my body with it, tree limbs breaking as I plummeted down. 'No,' he said, his voice assured, 'You'd never do that to me." -Kamila Shamsie "For a second I was almost jealous of the clouds. Why was he looking to them for an escape when I was right here beside him?" -Kamila Shamsie "Write, "There was a boy called Karim who never fell in love"." "He never fell in love?" "No. There was no falling. He was born in love with her, and he was borne by love all the way back to her, even though there was a period of total stupidity in between." Chandrika Gupta-main kitni sexy hoon!!

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