Samantha Miller


"Can I offer you a smoke?" "I drove past the Lady of the Angels when I went up to Newcastle." "Who has experience with a gay novel/model/level?" "You'll just have to wipe yourself" "It's easier to get rid of babies than it is to get rid of pounds!" "Does you live with him?" "Rastrick! Um, his name is Max..." "It's fine once you've had some alcohol pops. Like little pops of alcohol..." "Did you just say smasual?" :| "It would be uncomfortable at first, but then AMAZIIIII" "You may judge me, but I found a full pack of Pringles!" "Can I offer you a smoke?" "It's not the present..." "IT'S THE WRAPPING PAPER!!!!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, oh god, i thought you meant there was a rat!" "Good god, my mates car has fucked so we have to pull over on the a1. What a fuckin day..." "Can you fold the bottom over so I look like a tortilla?" Portugal 2009: "Stop struggling and let me pull you away!" (RT) "I don't understand your language" (LP) "'Is there room for one more?" (SG) "Eeeeh, I'm bladdered" (Portuguese woman) "Nip flaps" (JBu) "Is Jane Austen the book or the author?" (JBu) "There's peach in my peach melba" (JBu) "I drink the water in Florida." "That's why you're ugly." (JBu/SG) "You know how they drown baby girls in China" (SG) "That's my sex rag" (SG) "Will you rub suncream on my crack?" (SG) "Day 2: Jennifer is being raped against a rock." (SG) "Since when did flags become a synonym for genitalia?" (SG) "Can you papercut your nipples?" (JBu) "Can I have a sportsman please?" (LP) "Sarah climaxing in the corner..." (JBu) "You're fat." (RT) "Time flies when you're being blown on." (RT) "My 7 of clubs smells a bit like Tequila" (JBu) "Right, there's more than one Monet" (JBu) "Do you have a wet patch?" (RT) "I'm just going to have a moment..." "...with your rooster?" (SG/LP) "Goodnight good sir" (SG) "Is it called nippy because your nips stick out?" (LP) "You frigging small talk Nazis" (JBen) "I like cocky-t's more than I like cock in me" (SG) "Well you've got a hat" (RT) "Did you see that Tranny?" (SM) "I pee like a fruit" (RT) "Did you just proposition that man with the words of Queen?" (JBu) "You can't be on the list because you're not funny." "We're trisexuals, we'll try anything once" (SG) "You'll die of trannyism" (SM) "I know a tranny called Gary, who has a manny!" (RT) "I'm Scottish/Australian/Captain Barbosa" (RT) "Go down when you're up" (JBen) "Sisterhood of the travelling rape whistle" (SG) "It was in context!" (JBu) "It's like Louise and the dog!" (RT) "We're going to dirty on her?" (JBu) "My dolphin's getting him off" (LP) "I wouldn't have a go on your corpse" (JBu) "My family has a history of giant genitals" (SG) "Day 4: It was consentual..." "She has a big forehead. That must be the downside of being black...That and racism." "Beastiality has really screwed us over." "Do rabbits lay eggs?"

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