Sam Esswood


Me: I wish I was Batman Mac: Yeah! Who doesn't wanna be a billionaire ninja? Me: Yeah! Cos he's like....... Mac: Exactly! Me: Do you think there are other people out there who are like us? Maymay: Yeah, probably. Me: Yeah, like the AVPM cast! Maymay: And Sam Tsui and his friends. Me: Really? You think so? Maymay: Dude, he just sang a song about wanting to bone his TA, he's DEFINITELY like us. Nick Wilshaw: They're energy tablets. Harry: Oh, so if I eat them will they give me energy? Nick: Uhh, maybe. Nick Wilshaw: Oh, it's the last one. Harry(?): Oh are you sure I can have it? It's the last one. Nick: It's okay, I have more. Vana: ..and when he was doing the drunk thing it was just like Backstreet Boys on crack! Maymay Liu: 13:28:50 i have chem next Maymay Liu: 13:28:51 :c Sam Wong: 13:28:54 me too Sam Wong: 13:29:18 :C Maymay Liu: 13:29:45 mmmbleh Maymay Liu: 13:29:48 fail Mac (in real life): Hey can I talk to sam? Maymay (in real life): Sure Maymay Liu: 13:31:30 wah herro gurl Sam Wong: 13:31:37 oh herro meeeehk Mac (in real life): WAHHHHHHHT??? HOW DID SHE KNOW THAT?!?!?! Maymay (in real life): She's right behind us... Kim: Look! A 74! Quick, put on your jetskis!

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