Samara Smith


"There's nothing unusual here…The appropriate one stands in the appropriate place after the inappropriate ones have collapsed to the ground, defeated. There is nothing unexpected or odd about it. Because this is reality. Not one shred of uncertainty exists here. Not even fear, of course…" "We were friends once, so let me offer you a small piece of advice: You should be careful about hiding behind authority and blinding yourself to the realities of the world, might cause you your life someday ...or somebody else's" "What's wrong with surrendering to madness, that's where the true peace is." "You see, I had an awful lot to think about ever since you lock me up,there was no escaping it, when you're seal inside a bag with your own skin there's only so much you can do, your mind starts to wonder." "Sitting there in the dark, I had a chance to think about a lot of things, including the nature of the world itself. And after lengthy consideration, I realized something; when all is said and done, the world is a very unknowable place. On the surface, all appears rational, orderly. But what truly lies beyond that thin veneer of reason? Stability and superiority? Or chaos and madness? What are we truly made of in the end? Is there truly any meaning to the lives we lead? Or are we nothing but hollow vessels? These are questions we can never answer, for we cannot see through the world's fragile layer of skin. So we live our lives filled with uncertainty, never knowing what we truly are or what the future may bring, all we can do is imagine. Life becomes an unsolvable mystery with any number of twists and turns at the end. And that's enough to fill any soul with terror! "The root of all fear is imagination." "Its not necessarily the uncertainty that makes us fearful, its more than that.... the answers we imagine are what really what frightens us." "Imagination is where all our fears originates, it is the mother of terror and mankind's greatest weakness." "What you offer is order and authority, which gives humans the illusion of security and peace, but what truly lies under the thin layer of rationality you attempt to appose on the world?" "Pain in the presence can be dealt with, its imagining future pain that hurts us the most, it terrifies us." "Pain and death aren't so frightening really... if you let your imagination run away with you." "Don't you see how empty and meaningless the authority you appose is, that's not how the truth is found, you make your followers feel safe by offering them wight lies and comforting words..... don't you know that it only harms them even more?" "So you got rid of the corporal terror by disposing the flesh, intellectual dread by using the brew!! And you overcame the mental fear by trusting others and depending on it?!" "But such feeble support will break easily!! It will be all over when it breaks and the madness will take over again. Goodbye till then! Stay fearful with me until that time."

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