U.S. reality show "Jersey Shore (Jersey Shore) star Snooki, whether drunk or awake - although she rarely fully awake - every photo shoot there is always a COACH bag leave the body even for the first time walking the red carpet in Hollywood, carrying her COACH small backpack. The 22-year-old reality show star red is red, but the public image has been poor, not burst the private life of confusion is to be photographed drunk was arrested, or cursed the President to improve daylight bed tax, it is estimated that none of the fashion company is willing to be related and this star. Do not look at her all day long together if and COACH [url=http://]Coach handbags[/url] heart is probably a bad experience. Recently broke the news of the website TechDirt allows this event has been an unexpected twist: the COACH bag was actually another luxury goods company is complimentary to Snooki - is the motive! Orangemen in droves to see the news carrying Louis Vuitton luggage Bags, do you have suddenly felt that well-known printing all of a sudden become very vulgar, bad but also good for nothing; there Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy day and night, could not bear to take off under the rumpled Armani suit, spoil the brand image the company had to look for him to negotiate: to give you the money, do not wear our suits! This is probably called something of a negative brand association. Now, some people use pre-emptive negative associations of the brand - anti-implantation marketing war began. Simply put, a competitor's product is placed on the occasions of unsuitable appear. Coach this is so unfortunate in the move was negative peer association. Not to mention that this is not selfish, but it is a brand marketing but also beware of a move. Competitors home products free to the public "vomit as to damage its image, while not authentic, but not trademark law to restrain, COACH had tried to pass on bad luck: it sent a [url=http://]Cheap Gucci Bags[/url] to Snooki. So the public to see this star through the streets leaving Gucci. The New York Observer commented: "her loyalty to the COACH? Is spit in the handbag had to find a new?" I do not know the next step [url=http://]Gucci handbags[/url] will send a PRADA to her. Those brands in the Chinese and foreign fashion large implantable advertising you may already very familiar with luxury brands to rack their brains, money and efforts to his shoes, handbags, [url=http://]Gucci Backpack[/url] jackets, wrapped in the body of the protagonist; the first line of the annual Oscar red carpet guests luxury brands, contested by the sponsorship for the star, only to drive sales in order to enhance the popularity and visibility, relying on the fans of the fashion icon. The mirror on the star covered Logo is a common view of the modern fashion industry. Now, the anti-implantation marketing has opened up to the brand to another dishonest fashion icon to seize the topic a lot of the infamous red people have to stare. For the cautious business-brand luxury goods company, [url=http://]Gucci Luggage Bags[/url] even if they do not have the heart, first-out this Sunzhao does not matter, we must be careful to rival pre-emptive countermeasures thing is to think. Jersey Shore and Snooki Jersey Shore Jersey Shore: a file with the New Jersey coast a few young protagonist's reality show. These young people so merry among themselves the subject of ridicule, and even even conflict fighting words and deeds are recorded. In the MTV television station began broadcasting in 2009, led to considerable controversy, the main characters became popular entertainment. Although the accused parties to play a lot, but MTV has insisted that this is a multicultural performance in the United States, in the second quarter to begin broadcasting in the controversy hit the best results of the new season launch MTV in seven years

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