Sabrina Hamilton


I cried over you so many times I sliced away the pain I say and hoped to get over you Then I trusted you again I always saw the good in you And ignored all the bad you've done I always kind of thought It was because you were my only one I let go of my pride for you Showed you how much I cared Then you played with me once again And proved you'll never be there But still I sit here crying Wondering what I should do I spent so much time Believing I couldn't live without you I was there when you wanted to commit suicide I was there whenever you needed to cry I was there throughout your in between girlfriends And yet no one understands why But the real truth is that I love you And nothing you do could change it I really wish I could stop But then where would I be at? You showed me what it was like to be loved And showed me what true heartbreak feels like You hurt me more than anyone And yet I'm still putting up a fight "Never again shall I trust you" I repeated so many times And even in my head and heart I knew it was all lies I know that if you asked me Or gave me another chance I'd take it in a second Even if it was just a dance You're the one who owns my heart The one who breaks me in two And I know no matter what may happen I will always love you But no more me and you!

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