Ida Svendsen


"That's the power of music!" - Joonas Kaselius (Og det er så sant! <3) "We all have two lives, the second begins when you realize you only have one. So I'm not wasting any time. The thing with negativity is.. They are like clouds that pass across the sun, they will pass, they're just feelings, it's important not to dwell on them and just move past it! There's just so much about life that's amazing." - Tom Hiddleston "Sometimes that's the answer, just get up when the sun gets up. Look around and you realize you're part of an amazing planet." - Tom Hiddleston "Be yourself, don't conform and try to be what the world want you to be.. Just go out and be you, just be free." - Danny Worsnop "We're not necessarily assholes, we're realists, we understand that other people are stupid and we note that on a regular basis" - Andy Biersack "Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out" "For gods sake, what are they Asking Alexandria?! will i find out if i listen? and what happens While She Sleeps? why are all these new bands such teases. In Flames are on fire, Slayer slay stuff, Soilwork enjoy gardening, but this, i fundamentally do not understand" xD - Random fyr på facebook "Life without music is like an unsharpened pencil, it has no point" "It can either make you or breake you"

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