Samantha Irene


"Hello North Bay, We are the Bath Salt Cannibals, and we are here to rock your face off!!!" "It's like the Perv mating call" Rob: "She thought it was twatter instead of twitter" Sam: "does that mean she twatted" "She starts on Halloween! Is she a witch?" "Don't touch it! You have Turtle Hands!" Sam to Marie: I don't think I've ever heard of a hot redhead man... we must google this Playing online game Me: I can't even keep virtual fish alive Marie: little fish, little fish, sorry I'm not feeding you, little fish, little fish, it's not your fault... Me: oh god how will I keep a puppy alive? "Cell phones... are zombies" - Marie "Being in a group forces you to be different" - David Booth Sam: *sprays bottle on wrist* "this smells funky" Shelley: "did you spray that on your self?... What is it" *Shelley turns the bottle* "Home Fragrance Set. . . . . You smell like a living room" Sean: If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. Sam: I think it should be "if you can't say something appropriate don't say anything at all", it's okay to say something mean if everyone else is doing it. *Sean shakes head* Sam: it reminds me of cinderella magic Marie: it smells like farts Sam: *laughs manically and crawls away* that was me "We set the kitchen on fire making dinner and fell asleep on the floor watching disney movies, why do I feel like we are four?" - marie "why do I see this ending with us drowned... naked" - Shelley You can get anyone to leave you alone, all you need is a shot gun. - Sam to Beth Sam: "where'd all the polka dot people go?" Beth:" Personally I've never shaved a monkey" Sam: "well. . . that's unfortunate" Shelley: "all I heard was glitter, then it went black" Marie:"We were attacked by a sausage" Sam: "story of my life" Sam: I've made my bed, I'll lay in it...apparently with anyone who comes along" a helmet day Sam: "You'd grow a penis for me?" Shelley: "I'd make a pretty man." "If I sing when I cook the food will be happy" "I love you so much that I will let you rub toilet water on my face" - Shelley "First one to fall through needs to lose 5 pounds"- sam &marie "You know why?...Men SUCK" -Sam, Marie and Shelley "There's always one that's dead..." "There's one" "IT'S NOT DEAD, IT's SLEEPING!!!" "On it's side..." -shelley and Sam "If there is something you dont like about yourself, you can change it, anything at all......Unless you're fat"-Beth "that's what university is all about...seing what food sticks to the keys and which falls through the crackes" -Marie "Look a frog!" *runs at it* "oh no mr. froggy come oooout... HE LIVES UNDER THE STONE! HE LIVES UNDER THE STONE! ... Maybe if I got a stick and..." *jerking off hand movements, stopping and laughing manically* "mr. frooooooggy... I think its a toad" "She's acting wierd... bet she ate the gel pack" "Pretty pretty man man, get in the pretty pretty truck truck" -(heh heh Shelley) "Beth, fuck your horse" "to say we arent linked together is to say, your end of the boat's sinking" .

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