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"“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." - Jesus of Nazareth "A fire broke out backstage in a theatre. The clown came out to warn the public; they thought it was a joke and applauded. He repeated it; the acclaim was even greater. I think that's just how the world will come to an end: to general applause from wits who believe it's a joke." — Søren Kierkegaard "just putting the 'fun' in fundamentalism"- Mark Driscoll "What is truth?" -Pilate "When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, you think it's only a minute. But when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think it's two hours. That's relativity." - Albert Einstein "Your not perfect, sport, but let me save the suspense, this girl you met, she isn't perfect either. The question is whether or not you're perfect for eachother. That's the whole deal, that's what intimacy is all about. Now you can know everything in the world, sport, but the only way you can find out that one is by giving it a shot" -Sean Maguire(Robin Williams) in Good Will Hunting "All music is beautiful." -Billy Strayhorn "A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths." -Steven Wright "I'm a human being, being happy and sane.. Oh but human beings, we all need to quit being inhumane" -Reliant K "Must it be.." -Ludwig van Beethoven "I don't think anyone should write their autobiography until after they're dead." -Samuel Goldwyn "I've said that playing the blues is like having to be black twice. Stevie Ray Vaughan missed on both counts, but I never noticed." -B. B. King "Oh my God how ridiculous were we" -A Rocket to the Moon "Life is hard, it's even harder when your stupid" - John Wayne "So sexy we are.. So sexy we are we just don't know it"- Gym Class Heroes "You got your airplane and I got the plane air of here"- Hellogoodbye

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