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Rodic Davidson Architects is a London architecture practice with a history of producing ground breaking architecture that is as commercially aware as it is beautiful. The architectural practice was founded in Mayfair, London in August 2006 by Ben Davidson RIBA. Rodic Davidson Architects is a practice with an extensive scope, providing architectural solutions in diverse areas. They work with both exteriors and interiors of buildings, and have the capability to be involved in sustainability and development. Their status as a Royal Institute of British Architects chartered practice means they are the ideal choice for any type of architecture project, from new build homes or apartments to structural renovation or remodeling. Listed buildings can sometimes make life difficult, but this isn't a problem for Rodic Davidson Architects. They do not just have the skills and knowhow to work on historical properties; they additionally have the ability to get the consents needed to get the job done. Few people may close a planning a development deal like Ben Davidson, a famous figure in London's architecture scene along with the founder of Rodic Davidson Architects. He's conducted many high profile negotiations with incredibly influential parties. London's most salubrious areas have benefited from his expertise with listed buildings in the past. Ben considers that great architecture and powerful design in the build environment can lead to increased sales for firms. Ben is so highly regarded in the world of architecture he has even been a visiting lecturer at a number of academic institutions. When Ben started Rodic Davidson Architects, it was initially known as bdAr Architects and Designers. Sinisa Rodic was brought in to bdAr in 2007 to take the top design role in the practice. Since then he is more than proven he was the man for the job, leading some unbelievable projects including some visible refurbishments of top London properties. As far as Sinisa is concerned, the problems in the brief become opportunities for innovation. Hard briefs frequently lead him to his most imaginative solutions. He produces diverse architectural works which are inspired specifically by the project he is working on, rather than an individual 'house style'. Sinisa feels that a holistic approach to architecture is the best way to achieve great results. That's why he likes to work across a range of different areas. Few London architecture practices possess the practical, yet progressive approach to modern design that is found at Rodic Davidson Architects. We believe that a comprehensive understanding of client needs leads to the best quality design solutions. Whether we are working with property builders or owner occupiers, we consistently push for great results. We realize that budget is an essential consideration on every project, and that's why we put a special emphasis on ensuring we don't surpass budgets while preserving great results. We have exceptional relationships with planners, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors within the sectors where we specialise. We pride ourselves on producing innovative architectural solutions on any kind of building, for any type of client. From enormous office buildings for developers or little houses for individuals, we are able to get incredible results within a strict budget. Contact Address: Rodic Davidson Architects 1 Pied Bull Yard, London WC1A 2JR Phone: 020 7043 355 Email:

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