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-"I can’t decide if you’re trying to seduce me or rub it in my face that you look better in my clothes than I do" " A little of both, i guess :P" -MY MIND IS TELLING ME NO! BUT MY BODY, MY BODY IS TELLING ME YEAH!!! -I had hot, sweaty, dirty sex with an hamster, but then I ate it with marshmellow topping :D -We could always shower together, you know, we really should save water to save the Earth and all that. -Estou com espasmos no fígado esquerdo :s (Tornou-se ÉPICA) -I was hungry, and I saw a skittle on the ground so I ate it. -If you can't beat 'em... KICK 'EM IN THE GROIN AND RUN! "Mr Desconhecido-das-caipirinhas-generosas-que-me-fez-olhinhos" xD ahahahah Mãe: Is he gay? Filha: Gaybe... Gaybe not :o Inércia - ausência de mudança de estado - "Never try to be alone on your own, because sometimes it hurts so much that you never know what's beyond what you already know" By: Rocketmuffin - "Por te sentires na merda não quer dizer que pertenças na merda" By: Rocketmuffin - Amo-te até me mandares embora. - Jack off, love - Cura-te - Manca-te - Cresce e aparece puto, já tenho os meus filhos para aturar, não estou para aturar os filhos dos outros.

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