Erin Hemmelgarn


"Everything will be okay in the end and if it's not okay it's not the end." "I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world." "Break out the buck shot." "Donde esta mi pantalones?" -Ashlon McEntire "Yes. My name is Ping." -Mulan "Oh, cute! Jacob, look! Rin's got squirt guns! Little guns, and little feet!" --Braxton Robertson "See? That could have been you if you hadn't forgotten French!" --Michael from the Office "And if tomorrow he's still just a friend/ Guess I'll be staying up till 11:11 again." "Why do boys do track? To impress the girls. Why do girls do track? To check out the soccer guys!" -me, Kelly, Cassie "Just leave it there!" Zane in Precalc, when asked what to do with a math problem. "If you're doing it right, you'll get the right answer. If're doing it wrong." -Mr. Allred "LIGHT SO SHINE!!!!" -Clara "It's EAS-AY!" -Ryan "When you truly posess all that you have been and are fierce with reality." -F. Scott Maxwell "Leeheheh LEEhehehe LEEhehe NO." -Brynne "In the absence of gratitude we all feel alone." --Charlotte Sometimes

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