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Via whatsapp Katlo:R Me:R? Katlo:Serious, my but was texting Me:Ur big butt Katlo:Bitch Me:U forgot dirty. Say it ''Ur a dirty bitch'' Katlo: U dirty bitch Me: Mmmhmm I love it when u call me that Katlo: Hahahaaha u need jayhover! On MSN Me: ..and dont gt mad at me lyk last tym Marushca: Nah i wznt. i wz jus bumped Me: Bumped? =S u tryna say bummed? Maruchca: lol sorry. u go gurl! spelling! -------------------------------------------------------------- "Life's a bitch, you turn around and it bites you in the ass!"- Katlo M. ----------------------------------------------------------- "This is how wyt fairy tales begin; ONCE APON A TYM.... This is how black fairy tale begin; BITCH U AINT GONG BLIV DIZ!!!" -------------------------------------------------------------- Definition of sex: "A painful activity in which a man, using the stiffest and pointiest part of his pelvic region, repeatedly stabs a female in her crotch until he feels satisfied. Can also take place between two men, in which one male stabs the other in the bum. Lesbian "sex" may be fun and all, but it aint real sex unless there is some sort of stabbling going on, perhaps with a cleverly shaped hand or steel dildo."- ----------------------------------------------------------- Definition of Tana: "A stupid ass blonde who is the biggest smut in the world. She is a skanky, slutty, whore, that will do anything with any guy she sees. Her feet are like a mans, and her face is like a monkey's ass." - Michael Myers ----------------------------------------------------------- Pinar : wat song is it? Me: hopeful by faith evans n twista. Lyk he raps n sh sings d chorus. Shz soo good!! Well..a lyk it a dunno if u will Pinar : wats da name of d song =S Me : hopeful, a jus told u!! Pinar : hahaha say it again Me :aarrhhgg!! **getting pissed naw** bitch amma slap u 15 mins l8er… Pinar : ooohhh!! Hopeful is d name of d song? Me : no, its d name of ma vagina. -_- Pinar : ur vagina has a name?? =S Me : ¬¬ dnt tell me ur serious Pinar: y? =S i am...=S Me: HAHAHAHA!!! Err, a wz kiddin. Hopefull is d name of d song... ------------------------------------------------------------ In d metro takn pic wit ma sis Pinar: oohh, lemme get in d middle n we cn mke a negro!!! Me: HUH??!!! Pinar: U kno, blak wyt den blak agan.. Me: Um in oreo ryt? Pinar: Huh? Me: Dts d name of d biscuit, its n OREO!! Pinar: HAHAHA!! dts wat a men!! XD -------------------------------------------------------------- Why Africans Can't be Terrorists 1. We are always late; we would have missed all 4 flights 2. Pretty girls on the plane would distract us 3. We would talk loudly and bring attention to ourselves. 4. With food and drinks on the plane, we would forget why we're there 5. We talk with our hands; therefore we would have to put our weapons down 6. We would ALL want to fly the plane 7. We would argue and start a fight in the plane 8. We can't keep a secret; we would have told everyone a week before doing it 9. We would have put our country's flag on the windshield 10. We would all have fallen over each other to be in the photograph being taken by one of the hostages --------------------------------------------------------

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