Elle Mercedes


Great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, Small minds discuss people. You were born in the home that you needed to be born and put the physical body that deserved better lives, where God gave you, according to your advance. You have the financial resources consistent with your needs, no more, no less, but the righteous to your earthly struggles. Your work environment and what you chose spontaneously to its realization. Your relatives and friends are the same souls that attracted you, with your own affinity. Therefore, your target is constantly under your control. You choose, collect, elect, attract, search, modify everything that surrounds you in existence. Your thoughts are key to the wills of thy acts and attitudes. Are the sources of attraction, and repulsion in the journey of your lives. Do not complain nor knife victim. First of all analyzes and observe. The change is in your hands. Reprogram your goal you seek for good and live better. Though no one can go back and make a new delayed beginning, anyone can start now and make a new ending. “If you want to fly with the eagles, you can’t scratch with the birds.” It doesn’t mean that you think you are better, it means that you just need something else to fully come to life. You have to surround yourself with the people and environment that support you in your idea of how you want to live. The affinity is not the brightest but the most subtle and delicate feelings. It's more independent. No matter the weather, the distances when there is affinity, any reunion resume the relationship, affection at the exact point where it was interrupted.

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