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"Straight or not, You're fucking hot. ;D" - Me "Good things come to those who weight less"- Amanda from Ugly Betty I love when my phone is like "say a command", "Fuck You! (in a pimp daddy voice)" - Kayla Kreiger To quote Brianna Prego: "You should bring a fan to band camp. You know a fan, to keep you warm!", "The Hardest Person To Know Is Yourself"- Paine, Roses are red, Violets are blue, God made me pretty, What happened to you?- Charlotte Chang, What's life when you don't take risks? - me Fake Questionaire result: "Your result is: Penis!" "You are a penis. You are tall, loving, stick up for yourself, and are very very HARD to talk to sometimes. People enjoy being around you and having you IN their pussy... i mean posse. Someday you will have a great job where people SUCK UP to you. You're a good person! =D" Fake quiz result: "Your result is: Vagina!" "You are a vagina. You are very guarded, and don't like to let too many people in on things. You are very mother-like, because you always make sure that you protect your friends. If you ever feel emo, like bleeding, don't be a pussy. You need to be stronger and be more flexible. Loosen up a little, and more and more people will be attracted to you." Fake quiz result: "Your result is: Testicle!" "You are a testicle. Chances are, you have a close friend that is just like you. Both of you like to hang out behind the scenes, but when you need to step up, you're very involved in important processes. Sleeping is your favorite activity, though: you like to hit the sac... i mean sack. You often feel like some big stiffie is putting you in second place and stepping infront of you. No need to worry, because you and your friends will play an important role in the future. Someday your time to shine will come." Fake quiz result: "Your result is: Breast!" "You are a breast. You're very concerned about what you look like, such as your size and whether or not you look like your friends. You often draw attention to yourself, particualrly with your male friends. You're so popular with your friends, that you have many nicknames: boobs, titties, breasts, rack, etc. Much like the testicle, you like to hang out with your close buddy. You can make friends with many people, and enjoy getting close to others. You're generally a rather soft person, which makes you so enjoyable to be with." "What even is it?" - Brianna Prego I Don't Hate You Because Your Fat, Your Fat Because I Hate You - Mean Girls

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