QUeen Jackson


Malcom little X Said -BY ANY MEANS Necessary. as a fourteen year old he was Malcolm little the president of his class and a top student at sixteen he was hustling tips at a Boston nightclub. in harlem he was known as detroit Red A slick street operator. at nineteen he was in Prison. It was in prison that Malcom little stared the Journey that would lead him to adopt the name Malcolm x and there he developed his beliefs about what being blacks means in America. BELIEFS THAT SHOOK American then And stillshake America Today. A Mother rised in prayer it was during a time of great confusion ,war , political struggles .and protest against racial injustice that i rose as mother in israel and supervisor of NewYork southeast these were the turbulent 1960's in 1962 the Church of God In Christ had experienced the departing of theirFrist General overseer, Bishop Charles H. Mason . in 1963 President Johnf. Kennedy was killed by assassination .in 1968 a people of hope lost a great freedom leader Dr. king jr and let us not forget . during the summer of 1965 sweetie little was doing field work when bishop i.g Glover called me to fill the office of state supervisor of the new york souther mother littler sent a letter to President John asking him to call the nation to prayer we must never fotget mother Sweetie little for her willingness to pray for the nation as i carry on her great works keep me in prayer and in mind i will need it your Serevant praying for the nation love Mrs. Queen Jackson there more to this story ...

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