Kassidy Kent


-Rain Rain Go Away Thats What All My Haters Say.! -Haters Makes Me Famous.! -Mommy You Were Always Somewhere, && Daddy I Lived Out Of Town. So Tell Me How Can I Ever Be Normal Some How, You Tell Me This Is For The Best. So Why Am I In Tears..! - Justin Bieber<3 -The truth is, It was all pretend All along I've been sleeping with your best friend The truth is, I really hate your face You were never all that hot in the first place Studdered in bed just like youre givin head You've gone and got me thinking I'd be better off dead The truth is You're f**kin useless The truth is I lied about everything -Theory of a Deadman;<3 "Because I don't wanna deal with her bitchyness" - Me&Shay's Qoute. "Lifes just a beach and im just playin gin the sand" - Lil' Wayne;<3

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