Priscilla Beverhausen


nhiih- Taquito OMG its a blehblehbleh... - Charlie the Unicorn 3 Oh no, its a poisonous fugu fish! Nooooooo fuuguuu... - Charlie the Unicorn 2 Put a banana right into your favorite ear- Charlie the Unicorn 2 omg, i can spot hanna montana in a crowd! OMG! YOU CAN SPOT HANA MONTANA IN A CROWD !?!? Xavi:who´s the most famous asian? Carley: Mulan! hay que destruir toda la evidencia... -billy boy es mi macho castigador, mi semental -martiboy pueden poner musica, mmmmm... lalalalalalalalaalalalalala nothing´s too crazy, just different - montañita jump up the pam (pump up the jam)-billy boy is that a gun or are you just happy to see me -belen´s 3-day birthday SEXO, jijiji.... -belen we are so fun! what if the hokey pokey its really what its all about? And its all about what body parts you put in and out? -charley aka russian twin- lets poke the toppings!!! -charley- the rollercoaster pillow and the dead foot-rest -nico- stronger faster harder... torticulis -nico ayala- laugh with me, not at me... -belensita- un cangrejo largo = langosta -laurita- if oprah winfrey would marry deepak chopra her name would be oprah chopra -charley- i want to do arabic dancing... -you mean like a stripper? kellan says the whore...--alana and belen You are a crrrazy mama--checa (picalqui) whts a bounfiyer?--(thats how she said it) cami checa... you had to be there.... charlie: dime un nombre para mi perro isa: coco chanel charlie: no, es perro hombre isa: a entonces dolce y gabbana!! charlie: isa sabes lo que es la WWF? isa: hrmm algo de tennis? charlie: noo, no te acuerdas de las peleas? isa: a si!! ese programa de karate

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