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A woman always hopes that her daughter finds a better husband than she did, and thinks that her son will never find a perfect wife,like his father did!!! "Death ends a life, But it does not end a relationship, which struggles on in the survivor's mind towards some resolution, which it may never find"- Robert Anderson. Jennifer cavallary- "You look stupid and rich" Oliver barret 4- "You're wrong, i'm actually smart and poor." J.C- "Oh no, Preppie. 'I' am smart and poor." O.B 4- "What the hell makes you so smart?" J.C- "I wouldn't go for coffee with you." O.B 4- "Listen, i wouldn't ask you." J.C- "That, is what makes you stupid." - from "Love story" by Erich Segal Life and death, Energy and peace, If I stop today it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I made and would have unmade if I could. The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, It was worth it, For having been allowed to walk where I've walked, Which was to hell on earth, Heaven on earth, Back again, into, under, Far in between, through it, in it, And above. - Gia Marie Carangi (1960-1986)

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