Stephanie Wentzel


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. "open me up! open me up!" "sir, sir excuse me, you took my cup, SIR YOU STOLE / TOOK MY CUP!!!!! SIR..." "Are you wearing the proper jeans???", "Are you pregnant??????" hahaah oh what a mall adventure!! MTgl9211 [10:21 P.M.]: LOLK!!!!! lets be color guard!! Steph1542 (9:34:35 PM): OH OH OH! Steph1542 (9:34:43 PM): welches lied? MTgl9211 (9:34:58 PM): hahahahaha MTgl9211 (9:35:00 PM): ohh mann! Steph1542 (9:35:04 PM): NOOOOOO welches lied= which song "we are gang bangers, soo psh bam cause we come from the bad side of lititz pike! HA!" "Lanc Lanc, star city, pittsburgh, ya'll wit me? "I don't care where you're from or which click you claim, me and my boys rap Pennsylvan-i-a" "It sounds nice outside" "or I'm going to punch you like a bag of cheese!" "The really nice looking old lady from my neighborhood is here!!!" "thank you" "correct!" "we dont have anytihng in common, cause she dosent like music and we r ghetto!" "I have frozen lollipops!!" "It's an alligator! You shut your mouth, ok?!" Melissa : "I think your boots beat my boots." Me : "By how much? 2 dead rabbits!" (512): There is a semi-attractive guy at the door who's looking for you. Says he met you on Chatroulette. Start explaining NOW. (208): The only ground rules are no one is allowed to come who will say "no, that's a bad idea" or "what if we get arrested?" if you want what you've never had you have to do what you've never done. "man, i fell in love with them, like i liked this type of music, but when i found them. it was like magic and unicorns! it was like no other...!!" - some comment on a blink-182 youtube video apparently im the future drunk amongst my friends, bewareee

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