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"25 years and my life is still trying to get up that great big hill of hope, for a destination" 4 Non Blondes, "What's Up?" "THE Amy!? I thought everyone hated her!" random 10RTL fan. "Get bk in here immediately I fell iverfor gos sake!!" Laila Wallace by txt, drunk in Magnet, reporting that she fell over... again. "I friggin officially resign from life!" Lana Chunn, frustratedly applying for internships. "God, I love clothes!" Kassy Toal, while discussing our shopping tactics for Monday morning. "I've just realised, Im going out with a murderer tonight!" Anon. "Ahh the Worlds Ugliest Dog. I forgot how bad it was. Its like doner meat with teeth!" Vincent Faith, whilst discussing my puppy choices. "Chibuku: its like falling in love for wreckheads." Amy Faith discussing a night out with Garth Olyott. "Oh... MY TEA!" Amy Faith forgetting to drink her tea ALL THE TIME. "It'd be amazing to be able to just fuckin' fly..." James Houston, upon viewing a wide open window. "I'll always be a'er!" Amy Faith, on an old LiveJournal, April 2005 "Noffink..." Amy Faith, pretending she is being good to Tom Byrne January 2011 "Yer best start believin' in hangovers, YER GETTIN ONE!" Dan Leatherbarrow (and EVERYONE else), VW Action, Sept 2011. "I do cases." Keve Kiss, in work. "PATRON!" Everyone, July 2012. Phil: "Which is the best, Terminator 1 or 2? And why?" Me: "2. Because I'd much rather have Arnie as a friend." Conversations about Arnie, Salt Dog Slims, October 2012. "She's like a wank glove." Me to Tom about an 80's film sex scene, November 2012.

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