Aya Taher


Anyone can make u Happy by doing something Special, but someone special can make u Happy without doing Anything =) Calling someone Ugly won't make you Pretty, Calling someone Fake won't make u Real, and Calling someone Dumb won't make u Smart !! Life comes just ONCE. Love it and Live it while you Have it. Life is short, Time is fast, No replay, No rewinds !! ... Life is short, love it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it !! A SMILE is the Best Makeup any Girl can wear !! ;) Sometimes you Try, you Fail, you Try, you Fail - But the REAL Failure is when you STOP Trying. So Try & Explore so you can Learn More ,, Don't w8 for the Perfect Moment, Take the Moment and make it Perfect. It may not be Simple, But at least it is not Impossible =) We LOSE Some things,, Reasons may be Hard to understand,, But know that GOD takes away when He has something Better to give the next day =) When life gives you a Hundred Reasons to Break Down and Cry, Show life that you have a Million Reasons to Back up and Smile ! =)

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