Petra Reijrink


“My work is based on loyalty and love: for the designs I create but also for the people involved in the making and wearing of my jewellery.” Travel to faraway countries connected jewellery designer Petra Reijrink with traditional arts and crafts. “Craftsmanship is my great passion. I make all my jewels by hand, combining authenticity and natural materials in each one of them.” Petra draws inspiration from all over the world, and brings home beautiful treasures from her journeys. “I work intuitively, and I’m curious about everything I come across on my travels. Classic movies, fleamarkets, books and talking with people: they can all inspire a new design. Constant innovation and stimulating people’s imaginations, that’s what I aim for. By diving into the past and rediscovering special treasures, I try to create jewellery that evokes bygone memories.” In the heart of The Hague, Petra’s studio is a retreat where she designs and creates her jewellery. Fashion is a red thread in her life: at a very early age she was intrigued by the world of fashion and designers’ creations. Although she’s fascinated by contrasting styles like 1970s punk and more subtle vintage designs, she independently creates her own style. Petra's jewels match every outfit from androgynous to quintessentially feminine.

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