Cütéxý Ñikî


Im mre dan unperfct.I tke hrs to get ready! Sumtymz i cake on the makeup :p Il pretend to be more than happy wit myself,& latr cry lukn in d mirror'... I copy people bcoz im not dt creative! Im loud to block out everythng else. Il put u down to put myself up. Im just a normal girl wit fears,regrets & flaws but maybe dtz d beauty of it! Thats what makes me whu I am,all the crazy stuff i do..experimentin with who all i want to be.. But when i just slow it down,breath & luk in the mirror' den i realize dt yea ive got it all good & its going to tke my whole life 2 figure out who I am.. But in reality I AM WORTH IT! Peace out ! ^_^ xOXO !

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