Pavan Sidhu


"You know what you did Heidi!" "If your from Africa then why are you white?" "OMG Karen you can't just ask people why their white!" "Sweat pants are all that fit's me right now :(" "OMG look at her butt, it's just so big and out there!" "I want to forgive you, but I also want to forget you." "Run Forest, Run!" "People gunna talk whether you doing bad or good." "Sometimes it just is what it is." "Love don't cost a thing." "He's a shady person!" "What a lovely chocolate man (;" "I'M SO FRIKKIN PISSED!!!!!!!!" "Im your girl, your my girl, we your girls, won't you know that we love you!" "'Heyyyy I wanna shooop babyyy, shoooop."

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