Pascale Elkassis


-nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable. -Old enough to know better.... too young to care . -If people talk behind your back It's because you're ahead of them . -I am what I am so your approval isn't needed or wanted! -I'm one of those regular weird people.- Janis Joplin -"No one can make you feel inferior unless you allow them to do so" Eleanor Roosevelt. -cute enough to make you look twice, sweet enough but not always nice, kinda crazy but not too wild, the kind of girl that will make you smile :) -It's not that I have an Attitude Problem...It's an Allergic Reaction to Ignorance. -"Be careful when my name rolls off your lips, you may choke in the process because my name shouldn't be coming out of your mouth!!" -Is my back hurting your knife again? I'm sure if you just twist it a little more to the left it will be comfortable. - if i give you a evil look don't worry it usually takes me 3 hours to think of an evil plan.

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