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HI! I'm Eyebee VeeAi Vee Aivs Kuya Ate Aybitay or aybitah megaphone loudspeaker manghud panget haha... whatever name you like to call me.. hmm... well,, ohkay.. xD I'm a frustrated singer, dancer, poetess, writer, blah blah blah.. hahaha.. I'm naughty, impatient, stubborn, hard headed.. I'm unlady like... I talk loudly, and acts crazy sometimes (or always) haha even I have so many flaws.. I still have friends who loves me for who I am.. And a really loving father.. and that's GOD.. and also, a big brother named JESUS.. ♥ (remember: love yourself and don't change for the sake of others... you're perfectly you... and your beautiful in GOD"s eye's and GOD makes no mistakes,,, right?? =] ) GOD created me to be me... there's no other me except me.. ^___^ ... yeah.. hey... we can be friends... anyway... have a good day...

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