Kousagi Brown


To Each their own, one must live their lives as if they have no regrets. Don't stick out your tongue unless you want to use it. - Sam I gotta look in the mirror everyday, just to see my lusciousness.- Mom Isn't that a movie?- Emily Tommygirl makes me sneeze.- Kat The hostess with the mostest.- Auntie Beth's still in the truck! What? Slut in Truck! Holy Jamalama, kiss her again, do it. Because I clearly said " Dear God man, you're on fire run for you life! He's taking you back without an insurance waiver? Yeah, he's really warmed up to me since his left eyebrow grew back. I mean we're all wierd. Normal is only a setting on your dishwasher.- Erin Hello little fishie, would you like to see my ten-ta-cles? *in my creepy hentai voice*- Claire

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