So what’s the deal with these Pandora stores that have been popping up in malls and shopping districts all over the globe? Well Pandora is a hot new trend that is becoming very popular with sentimental accessory lovers.I got my Pandora bracelet as a present from my sister and my mom, and I have to admit I love this trend. Not only is Pandora a great gift idea because the bracelet makes a pretty accessory, but because the charms capture special events and moments in one beautiful little keepsake.Is the idea of charm bracelets new? Nope! But Pandora took a relatively old idea and made it charming again. They made charm bracelets cute, trendy and now very popular. Pandora are a great gift idea when you have no clue what to get someone. Let’s face it many men have a hard time coming up with the perfect gift to give their special lady. Some find themselves wandering the mall with that forlorn look of dread on their face when they know their deadline is drawing closer. Pandora has charms that commemorate love, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. I like the beautiful colored beads, the pearl charms and all the romantic hearts and crystal embedded charms. Other people in your family benefit from Pandora as well because they can each choose a custom charm to express their love. My sister bought me the butterfly charm which is two butterflies (she keeps one and I keep the other) that join together and say friends forever. It's nice to ask what the charms mean at the store and to explain it's meaning to the receiver.The charms range in price and you can also buy stoppers for your bracelet so the charms won't slide around or slide off when you put them on. I prefer the silver bracelets but you can get the Pandora bracelet in yellow gold, silver with a gold clasp, bangles and even string bracelets made of fabric or leather. Pandora also sells other jewelry such as rings, watches and necklaces. With any popular brand comes copycats. When Pandora brought back the charm bracelet so did many other companies, and although I admire their effort to jump on the trend wagon some of them claim to sell Pandora charms when they do not. Some people do buy cheaper charms, or charms from other sellers that catch their eye but not all charms will fit the bracelet so make sure you are careful about this. I personally do not buy my charms outside of the Pandora stores. please

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