Pamme Lennon


"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." - Oscar Wilde "Nationality is like gender: it is used as the most general label but does not reveal what is beyond that." - Terhi Rantanen "In my ideal society of Siam, there should be unity without forced uniformity; there should be room for the non-conformist, the unique, the idealist, even the crank; members of the society should be able to discern truth, beauty and goodness and cherish them and discard superficial and false values; material and spiritual welfare should be available for all, not for the few; human dignity and freedom are each individual's sacred due, however humble he be." - Puey Ungphakorn (1974) "What is not being said, but is being fantasized, what is implied but cannot be shown." - Stuart Hall (1997)

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