Patty Videnova


Never let the fear from striking out to keep you from playing the game! kakvo e lubovta?-jestoka laska, nejen qd, ot haosa novosuzdaden svqt,puh tejuk,leden plamuk, bolno zdrave, nevqrvashta si vqrva, sun naqve...i oshte:zorka ludost, tujna radost,gorchilka adska i nebesna sladost! Romeo i julieta Chovek lesno si suzdava priqteli, bez da e nujno vseki den da bude s tqh. Kogato se vijdaem postoqnno s edni i suhti hora, te se prevrushtat v chast ot jivota ni. A kogato stanat chast ot jivota ni, zapochvat da iskat da go promenqt. i ako ne sme takiva kakvito te iskat da budem, se surdqt. Zashtoto vsichki smqtat, che znaqt kak tochno trqbva da izjiveem jivota si. Alhimikut 'And how do you know that you mean it when u say the L-word'...'well, I guess it is a burning, itching sensation..but in a good way:)' Greek Temptation comes to all of us. Whether or not we succumb depends on our ability to recognize its disguise. Sometimes it arrives in the form of an old flame, flickering back to life. Or a new friend who could end up being so much more. Or a young child who awakens feelings we didn't know we had. And so we give in to temptation, all the while knowing come morning, we'll have to suffer the consequences “All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion and desire.” “The only trouble with resisting temptation is that you may not get another chance”

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