ONeillCVI is a professional and well-respected private investigator and blogger who boasts over twenty five years experience within the private detective industry. Help is available in the most highly trained and proficient private detectives UK can present, offering you private investigator service know-how to benefit your unique scenario. When ONeillCVI receive your call you're going to be assisted by a learned and understanding private investigator who will discuss your needs and them offer an affordable and workable solution for you.At ONeillCVI we pride ourselves on being highly professional and experienced in all private investigation services. Collecting evidence that supports the intended level or claim of our customer's situation is just one of the most important services that a private investigator business can provide; using legitimate sound-proof in court is the means to success.Our highly skilled and experienced UK investigators are trained to a high standard within our industry and are most typically from Military Special Forces and Police backgrounds, giving them a professional attitude which goes above and beyond just getting the job finished. Undercover private detectives are not all men, at ONeillCVI we have many men and women working undercover in a myriad of positions from warehouse employees to kitchen staff to secretaries and PA's to obtain info and signs required by our clients. Our female private investigators are the finest female ONeillCVI has available; they are highly trained with many specialised skills and systems of investigation . Working undercover as a private detective over many hours is a skill that demands the capability to blend into any situation, neighborhood or region; at ONeillCVI we have a group of varied and specialised experts from all walks of life that may become practically invisible.Private investigation equipment must be top quality, particularly camera equipment, a light weight, top quality camera is a must for all UK private investigators and at our UK private detectives we insist on using only the best in the available on the marketplace.Providing evidence for our clients is the key aim for ONeillCVI and this proof is acquired using our state of the art, high quality photographic equipment which needs to suit the conditions and atmosphere of where investigations take place and private investigators and detectives who operate the device.Having the right resources, whether human or equipment is a major factor in how successful private investigation services can be, for example faulty battery used in camera - loss of evidence for client or need more manpower for surveillance and none available loss of subject end of surveillance.

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