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Noo..nohoo...nooo..no. 'Giggling is not a GSCE..' 'Your brown bread!' 'Is it real?' 'Wale mice!' 'Dinner; its the french word for the evening meal' 'Roast beef; its the sweedish term for beef that is roasted!' 'Pootaneska...' 'What did you call me??' 60% of the time, it works, every time. 'I have some biscuits with me, what are they called ...oh yeah, Boobons' 'Don't you meen bourbons..? 'Do your thing girl, work your skills on my map' 'Millie, its lap..' 'Kirsten, you should so win blondest brunette' Kirsten: 'Yeah that would be good, but im not blonde' Tig old bitties Nuts on the road! Millie: (trying to get signal on her phone holding her arm up) I wish I had a longer arm. Me: Or some signal.? Are you lying to make friends? Are you joking my face off?? Are you joking my eyes out?? ''Theres sniffer dogs here cuz of underage drinking n stuff'' Kirsten:'' Why sniffer dogs? They can hardly smell peoples age!'' Sophie B: Joules is welsh isnt it? Me: Nooo its English I think. Sophie B: No its not, look...Des I Gned..what is that, Southwalian? Me: No Sophie it says Designed.. -I once saw him beat a guy up with a starfish! -That's ridiculous. -That guy was me. I was gonna listen to that, but then, um, I just carried on living my life. Come on out. Oh, the weather outside is weather... -There's only one cure for pain like that. - What? - Weed. Ya got any? - No. -Well then let's just go surfing!

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