Olivia Cox


"Nothing in this world that is worth having comes easy" "The key to happiness is freedom and the key to freedom is courage" "I must admit, I just dangled my thingys in the milk" "I like to hit my balls hard" - Jamie "If you want to see anal, turn it on" - Holly "I think I need a more experienced partner.." "Well in, spesh" - Ray "Looks like he's about to pop to squat" - Kiki "I'd love to see him in the sack" - Soph "She was so easy it wasn't fun.." - !! "I'm not kidding, it was HUGHMORMOUS.."!! - Georgia "Excuse my breasts while I just control this horse.." "It's sex not the fecking hokey-kokey" "I've been looking for you everythere" "That's a coincidence-I've been avoiding you everywhere"

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